Cape Foulwind

A quiet spot for New Year's Eve

After hanging out on the East coast, we made our way to the West Coast. Just south of Westport is Cape Foulwind, a little spot on the coast line, with a lighthouse, a pub, 3 local friendly wandering dogs (one whom frequents the pub) and about 10 houses. 

It wasn't really a "foul wind" when we were there, in fact for 2 entire nights we were the only ones parked up on the domain reserve. It was perfect - we needed some time to ourselves to sort out some personal health related stuff, and the slowness of life on holiday started. 

We had views overlooking the coast - with a steep cliff drop, it was unrivalled; we had a couple friendly locals cruise on by finding their dog(s) who had come to play with Ridge, and the lady owner of the pub was lovely. She makes amazing lemon pepper hot chips that we got to takeaway, and while we enjoyed a drink waiting for them - "Guv" a local dog walks in and makes himself at home below the pool table! People were definitely on coast time here.

We're not much party-er's so New Years Eve was a quiet one - we joined in "happy hour" with some other NZMCA members that pulled in for the night and called it a night! Haha. We needed some chill time and you end up sleeping a lot on holiday! I don't know why, you just get more tired doing nothing much. 

There's a lighthouse, with an easy walk up and around it, and a different longer walk to Tauranga Bay to the Seal Colony which in itself is pretty stinky, but it's like playing 'spot-the-seal' once you start to see them. Actually we had some good weather here... embraced the sunshine! I think the stench of the seals made me forget to take a photo or two, but do go on this walk sometime!


We popped over to Westport for the morning one Sunday to attend church, it's a tiny old town and a bit rundown. It has that feeling of yesteryear going on.... it kind of looked like the people hadn't really updated much either... ! We found a little church gathering (of about 15 young people), but they had good music and a great message. 

One thing to do though - on a clear day, is head over to the Denniston Mine, about 15-20km from Westport. It's a bit of a drive up a steep and winding road, but you get a sweet lookout over the crazy steep incline that they would run the coal carts up and down. There's heaps of info boards explaining the history, how things worked, what life was like back then... and I didn't take any photos!