The West Coast

Fox River

The wild west coast of NZ ... rugged, wet, somewhat grey and peaceful. We made our way down the coast and to be honest - there's not many places to stay between the 'thriving metropolis' of Westport and Greymouth. We parked overnight in a busy freedom camping site on the Fox River, just up from Punakaiki. How busy this place was, was an understatement. In less than 1 hour, 7 campervans and 4 cars pulled up and left due to max capacity. In terms of 'staying' here, it was basic but the best bit was some new longdrops that had soap and running water - things like this start turning into luxury.


With the rain lashing at our windows we made our way to Greymouth - pretty fitting for a grey day. We have some friends here, so we decided to park up for a few days longer than normal and spend some good old fashioned quality time with them. 

Situated about half an hour from the town, their place is in the middle of a deer farm and has some great views to the mountains surrounding Lake Brunner and just over the hill further - Gloriavale!  

With steep hills and some wildlife hidden in there, hubby and his mate went hunting for the day - hills so steep and rocky, but perfect for the chamois they found - thats the thing on the hill in the rocky photo below.