Waimate - not your usual stop

Waimate: why not?

Not many people stop in Waimate! It's not 'big' on the to-do list, but we have some good friends down there, so we parked up for a few days to catch up. The weather was less than desirable - we seem to get more cloudy days than sun so far! 

We drove through the town and suddenly recognised the great big painted silos recently painted by a Kiwi artist. We'd seen these on TV some time ago, and forgot that they were in this town! The paintings add a historic perspective to the town, showcasing Margaret Cruickshank (first registered woman doctor), World War II hero Eric Batchelor, Chief Te Huruhuru, Michael Studholme and former Prime Minister Norman Kirk on the silos.

To combat house-fever on a Sunday, we headed into town for a quick squiz through a jampacked, dusty secondhand shop in search of some handles. Among a great assortment of 'antique' pots for $20 that your folks probably still use and shelves stacked precariously high with every nook and cranny filled - so much so, that you don't want to pull something out in fear of the entire shelf collapsing! With a quiet yet very watchful shop owner tucked behind stacks of who-knows-what, we quickly left. 

Next stop was a new cafe/bar, Harvest Kitchen & Bar where we ordered hot chocolates and a fluffy for the 2 year old. Now, for $5 in Auckland you'd get a small cup with about 5 mouthfuls - here, you get a mason jar mug filled to the brim with steaming hot chocolate! Perfect on a cold day! Nice place, neat kids playground, great views, but maybe the orange makeup clad waitresses are just a Waimate thing...