Lake Ohau

Leaving cloudy, grey Waimate (and Ridge for a few days), we headed out to the Tekapo-Twizel region. The sun broke out through the grey clouds we left in Waimate, as we cruised along the open road towards Lake Ohau. 

We passed a couple camping areas as we came into the Ohau area, but continued further along a dusty gravel road to a quieter bush reserve. Good decision- this was right on the lake front, and only one other vehicle. Bliss!

Waking up to the lake water lapping at the pebbles, native birds chirping their morning songs and the stillness only quiet brings is absolutely amazing. Little bumblebees buzzed around the purple flowering weeds that popped up between the pebbles, adding a subtle layer of sound to the morning. Watching the long white clouds disperse over the looming hills and breaking into a clear day, really makes you stop and appreciate this beauty of a place God made!

Hubby spent a day hunting the high mountainous hills in search of deer and tahr, finding a couple of tahr popping out late evening. I spent the day reading, enjoying the sun and learning to be still. We’ve had such a busy year in 2018, that it was hard to find time to just sit and be still. Now we have ample time! Which is just as well, because we’ve got some searching to do for our future, and we need to listen in to God to see where he directs us. 

There are a few doorways we can see open, but we’re in a hallway season - walking the hallway of life in a little bit of a holding zone. It’s not yet clear which doorway is the best one to choose just yet, and each has its pros and cons. Things like this usually pan out in the longer term- no point is pushing it just yet, the old “square into a circle” analogy lives up well. In time the right opportunity will present itself - we just have to be obedient and listen for it! 

“Be still and wait patiently for the Lord...” - Psalm 37:7