Cromwell/ Alexander Region

Cromwell / Alexander

After a pitstop in Waimate again (to pick up Ridge), we headed down southward, towards the Alexander region. We parked up at a free overnight spot along Cromwell Gorge, where all the tourists park up late too! At least it was free and had flush toilets... 

There wasn't a lot to do on yet another rainy/overcast day, so we headed into Cromwell to have a look around. We came upon Old Cromwell - a cute little historic area of the town, where all the buildings are some of the old original ones, and others have been repaired in style. Where the river is today, was not the case about a hundred years ago. The little old town bordered two streets, on the edge of a deep ravine, which has since ben flooded with the dam in place.

On our way out, we spent the next morning in Alexander, doing boring stuff like emptying the waste water tank and filling up with fresh water. We did find a pine covered area that is used as a Dog Sld track in Winter - perfect for an hour of blitzing around with Ridge to burn off his ever-growing energy!

Butcher's Dam

Somewhere along the way was a little spot called Butcher's Dam - we didn't find out why it was called that, but did find out about a chinese man called Lye Bow! He was convicted with a death sentence after something (relatively minor) in China, and headed to NZ on a boat with goldminers in the late 1800s. He ended up creating a fruit orchard in this area, and worked it until he died - approx 100years old! He was respected in the little community back then. Now, it's just a walking and biking trail around a small lake.

Clutha River

Another random spot we stayed in was "Miller's Flat", along the Clutha River. A very quiet town, with not much except for an iconic blue bridge, and a constant flow of stock trucks carrying sheep and cattle. It was a very rustic town, but handy to the Clutha Gold Trail, which we zipped along on our bikes for a morning cruise. Next stop... Dunedin!