Good things come to an end

It's sad but true

We arrived 'home' to the North Island on Feb 28th, a good 75 days since we left, living in our caravan since Nov 24th.

β˜€οΈ 75 days
πŸš— Almost 8,000km
🌲 31 different towns stayed in
😊 10 friends & catch ups
β›΄ 2 ferry crossings
🐢 1 well travelled dog
πŸ‘« 1 wedding anniversary
πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ Zero breakdowns
πŸ’• Memories forever

Looking back, our time in the South Island seemed to go very fast. There were places we felt like we'd been to just yesterday, but looking at photos and the datestamp, it was weeks ago! Travelling the South with no time restraints is probably one of the best things we've decided to do. You don't have the constraints of a flight to catch, or a job to go back to (although it would be handy!), and you can just sit back and relax. We understand why all the oldies like to motorhome! 

We were extremely fortunate to catch up with a bunch of friends scattered around the island - these visits were a reprieve to our long-drop camps, and if you hosted us: THANK YOU for the use of your shower/toilet and washing machine and any food you fed us! 

Mapping our way

At the start of our trip, I had found a tourist brochure with a map - so I cut it out, stuck it on the 'lounge' wall in the caravan and marked where we went every few days. It's not until you look back on this, and see the extent of how far we had really gone! There were some VERY long days (11 hour drive up the rainy West Coast anyone?) and some shorter days, there were rainy days and sprinkled in between - some sunny days. There were days when you couldn't read another book, or go for another walk, and days where you just had to have an afternoon sleep because, well there was nothing much else to do! 

Then there are the days that make your trip, and the ones that make you so grateful:

  • Parking up at a friend's place and doing a load of washing
  • Finding a spot so quiet, that you hear the water lapping without a van door sliding
  • Sharing a meal with friends
  • Chatting to a complete stranger and sharing your journey
  • Making friends with someone else's dog coz you have one too
  • Not having a single breakdown on the ute or caravan